Message from Illustrious Sir, Kyle Hess

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. We are off to a new year and I hope it finds all the Nobles and Ladies in good health, wealth, and prosperity.

First, I would like to thank the Nobility for their trust in me during the elections. Angie and I come ready to work and are expecting great things in 2021.

We will do our best to keep Akdar Shrine as the best fraternal organization in Oklahoma! While having FUN, we will do amazing things for the children in our philanthropy.

I would also like to Thank Illustrious Sir Joe Haynes for his great leadership, and honestly the friendship that he has shown many of us, through such hard times. Joe and his mother Debbie have been great lights within our organization, and we could only hope to be as bright in the Future!!

Ok so here we go “FUN IN 21”!!!! The big party that I will be supporting this month will be….. THE CAMEL HERDER POLAR PLUNGE! This will be Akdar Park on Saturday Jan. 23rd, bring your best chili recipe and a swimsuit we are going for a swim. Maybe just a splash, not too many people stay in long enough to swim!!

Agin, thank you for your confidence in me and remember I WORK FOR THE NOBILITY!!!

Your in the Faith