Message from Illustrious Sir, Kyle Hess



Well February…… That’s about all I need to say!! The snow and ice is melting and the robins have been seen in the tree in the courtyard outisde the window of my office. I hope that means spring is coming soon!

By now everyone knows about the IRS raffle. Tickets are going fast, if you need some to sell or want to buy some see any Divan member.

Onions are coming in May, start getting your orders in line and please if you are a Club or Unit President reach out to Onion Chairman Chris Hammond so he can get those orders together. Getting numbers up, as well just a good count to see how the best to distribute.

March is going to be a busy month. We have gotten special dispensation to move the business meeting from Thursday, March 11th back to Tuesday, March 9th, so nobles can go to Oklahoma City for Mid-Winter C.S.S.A. Business meeting and be present watching our own Illustrious Sir Morgan Bear be made President.

Stay safe and see you soon,