Message from Illustrious Sir, Kyle Hess

Nobles and Ladies,

Here we are looking the 2021 Circus right in the Face! The Akdar Shrine Circus is fast approaching, it is scheduled for July 29, 30, 31, August 1st. We as a temple need to start focusing on selling the Ads and Banners, for that is a major financial task with the circus. Remember $3000.00 worth of ads and banners will provide the seller room reservations for C.S.S.A in August. I hope onion sales went well, and you were able to sell all your onions! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers of the Shrine family! As Memorial Day is at the end of May, I would like to take this time to honor the service men and women who made the sacrifice of life for our country. Thank you and we will always remember.

The Potentates trip is also approaching, numbers are decent but we would always welcome more. The trip was planned with detail to keeping it reasonably priced so all could enjoy. I hope more people choose to join us.


Cinco De Mayo Party      05/07

Akdar Ceremonial         05/22

Potentates Trip              06/13 – 19th

Fireworks Sales             06/26 – 07/04th 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kyle Hess

“Fun in 21”