Message from Illustrious Sir, Kyle Hess

Hello again

Wow July & August did not disappoint. We were all so very busy with the 147th Imperial Session in Houston Texas, Herders Reunion, the Akdar Shrine Circus and CSSA comptetitions.

Imperial Session went off without any surprises. Four long days of reviewing bylaws and voting, but there was a little time for fun.

We came right back to town and went to work. First day back I was notified of a request for appearance for a former Shrine Ambassador was filming a special for Fox Sports 2 and they requested an interview, so with short notice I unloaded my bags from Imperial got dressed and headed to the race track. What a night, Brendon can sure wheel that race car! He drives for RHR racing out of Pittsburg, Kansas. Rick Horn Racing is owned and operated by Past Potentate of Mirza Shrine Rick Horn. Brendon came up with some bad luck that night and did not win, but was very fast!

Herders Reunion was again a Party! Everyone had a great time at the lake and the candidates will always have something to remember.

The Circus… It was a shot in the dark, but I think we will come out looking good. I want to thank all Nobles and their Ladies for all the hard work and many hours spent getting ready as well as during the Circus. We will be having a Circus Appreciation Dinner on Sept. 10th at 6:30. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and fixings will be provided.

That brings us to CSSA in OKC. We pulled into OKC on Wednesday the 18th of August. The Hotel Home 2 Suites was ready for us and provided a great room for Hospitality that we shared with Bedouin Shrine. Oriental Guide Glen Haydel and Lady Lurene did a great job setting up and running the Hospitality this year. The themed nights were fun and everyone seemed to have a great time. The unit competitions, started on Thursday and went through Friday. Akdar units in attendance were Mini Kars, Merri Makers, Oriental Band, Provost Shooting Teams or The A.S.S. (Akdar Sharp Shooters) Team. And yes they did not get a trophy but did make history as Akdars’ first shooting team to participate at CSSA! All the other units will be bringing back some trophies and I am very proud of all that participated.

On to the new stuff coming up, as I type this a crane is in the parking lot removing the old chiller and placing the new. We will have a high efficiency chiller and boilers operating in our temple before the next business meeting.

Get those 70’s clothes out of the back of the closet as we are getting really close to the Akdar Potentate/Nobility Ball on September 17, and 18th Hospitality will be on Friday the 17th as always, and then the Ball will be on Saturday. RSVP and pay by calling Angie E. at the Akdar Shrine Business Office.

October Business Meeting will be Grand Master Night we look forward to seeing the Grand Lodge Officers. Let’s make a good appearance as they have cleared theere schedules to appear.

In closing, I again want to thank all that work so hard to make this temple what it is!

Kyle Hess