Potentate’s Message

Congratulation’s to Illustrious Sir Hess for leading us in 2021. I’m looking forward to having a very sucessful 2022.

I would like to express that we have to keep focus on what our purpose is and that is to help our children and strive to make their lives better. This is the 100th year of our first hospital in Shreveport. In that time we have helped thousands of children to a better life. That is something to be extremely proud of!

I would like to start with thanking Noble David & Lady Stacy Sexton for a great Christmas party for our children. They tried something new this year and it was a huge sucess. Thanks to all the people who came and decorated the temple and the toys oranized. Also, to those who volunteered the day of the party.

Speeding toward us quickly is our cirus the 24th, 25th, 26th and the 27th of February. It is critical to bring in new ads and bannners. Remember we have returned to paying incentives. Those incentives are 15% for new, and 5% for renewals.

To all the clubs and units, we need your financial statements and current bylaws ASAP!

In closing, I’m looking forward to serving as your Potentate in 2022 and would like to thankĀ  you for all your supports and friendship through the years.

Yours in Faith,