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Read the March addition of Shriner Magazine online.

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This is an exceptional opportunity for a man to become a Shriner at a prestigious event. 50th Anniversary Ceremonial The Galveston Burn Hospital will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of operation on April 23 - 25. We will have a full form ceremonial complete with the ARCH ceremony at 3:00 PM the afternoon of April 23 at the hospital. Imperial Sir Gantt will administer the obligation. WHAT A GREAT AND MEMORABLE OPPORTUNITY FOR A MAN TO BECOME A SHRINER!

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The Shriners’ Legacy Program: Strengthening Our Fraternal Bonds -  Maxwell family - Maxwell FamilyAs Shriners, we are part of an international organization that strengthens us individually, enhances our families and makes us part of a history of brotherhood and camaraderie. And, as Shriners, we also have the opportunity to be legacies. The Legacy Program helps strengthen our fraternal bonds with those closest to us, and allows members to honor the many men before us who laid the foundation of our great fraternity. Each February, which is now designated as Legacy Month, temples are encouraged to host Legacy Nights to promote membership and honor the members who have taken part in this program. Throughout the month, Shriners International will also share stories of legacy families in our various publications and on our websites in recognition of their dedication to the Shriners fraternity. For many men, being a Shriner is a family tradition that stretches across generations. The Legacy Program is a way to honor this special bond. Families who are Leaving a Legacy: Meet the Maxwells For the Maxwell family, being a Shriner is a way of life. Mark Maxwell is the administrator of Ainad Shriners in East St. Louis, Illinois. He and his four brothers, John, Bob, Mike and Glenn, are also members of Ainad. Mark, his four brothers, his sister, and his son and daughter all worked at the temple as teenagers or young adults. Mark’s father, Russell Maxwell, who started the family legacy, joined the fraternity after returning home from World War II. The Maxwell brothers were among the first to formally join the Legacy Program. To them, the program honors the fraternal bond that is so tightly wound around them. “We are very proud to have a family with such a rich history in Shriners International and Ainad,” said Mark. We encourage all of our legacy families to join the Maxwells and register in the Legacy Program today. To learn more about the Maxwells and the Legacy Program, please download our Legacy Program one sheet. For more information, please contact the membership development office via e-mail or call 813-281-0300.

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Shrine SemitarIntroducing the Shriner Spotlight Award.  To the unsung hero To the one you can always depend on To the one who does the work because the work needs to be done – not for any kind of recognition This award is for you! The newly initiated Shriner Spotlight Award will be taking the place of the former Shriner of the Month Award program. Similar to the Shriner of the Month Award, the Shriner Spotlight Award honors members who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to both their fraternity and philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children. The nomination process is open to all of our temples and hospitals, and the award will be presented quarterly, instead of monthly. We want to honor the everyday, hardworking, always-there-for-whatever-you-need-him-for Shriner in your temple or hospital. You know who we mean; and we want to hear about him. Each quarter, one outstanding noble will be chosen for the Shriner Spotlight, with nominations taken throughout the year. To honor these exceptional individuals, each Shriner Spotlight Award recipient will be highlighted in an issue of Shriner Magazine: Pride and Tradition and the annual report, and featured on Shriners Village, the Shriners International website and social media. In addition, the honoree will receive a signed plaque from the Imperial Potentate and a commemorative pin. Personal displays of leadership, consistent participation in temple activities and efforts, dedication to membership initiatives and/or contributions to the health care system all aid in one’s consideration for the award. In short, we want to honor the “unsung heroes” of Shriners International. View the Spotlight Award one sheet for things to consider before nominating, and information on how to place a nomination.

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We take pride in the work you do for Shriners International. To show our appreciation and make your membership even more valuable, we are offering the Shriners Rewards program to you for free! Redeem for Discounts Shriners Rewards is a membership benefit that offers a variety of discounts in a variety of industries such as pharmacy, travel, automotive, entertainment and many more. You will also get discounts on popular gift cards, local deals, and exclusive offers at retailers and restaurants located in Canada and the United States. Activate Your Card To activate your card, visit to sign up. You can also activate your card by calling 877-454-1180. Fundraise for Your Temple You will have the opportunity to fundraise for your temple and Shriners International by offering the Shriners Rewards cards for purchase to family and friends for $10 (USD). Twenty-five percent of the proceeds benefit our fraternity, of which $1 will go to your Temple when you use your referral code. Visit to access fundraising tools that will help you reach your goal. We encourage each Noble to have at least five friends and family members sign up for Shriners Rewards. We look forward to seeing the wonderful impact this program will have on you, our temple and fraternity. Proceeds are for the benefit of Shriners International and Shriners temples and are not deductible as charitable contributions. Our Stories book cover The best way to understand the importance and impact of Shriners Hospitals for Children and Shriners International is through the reflections of the Shriners family – the patients and families, the employees and the Shriners themselves. We share their stories in our new publication, Our Stories. The softcover book is $15 and proceeds benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. Order your copy now.

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Shriners International 2016 Imperial Session to be held in Tampa Florida July 3 - 7.  Click the link for more information.

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We provide care beyond cost.  Donate to a child in need.  Love Shriners

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How do I become a Shriner?  

Becoming a Shriner is easier than you may think. To find out more about how to get started visit Here you’ll find tips and resources that will help you understand the legacy, mission and goals of Shriners International, as well as the rewards of membership. • Learn about the steps to become a Master Mason which qualifies you to be a Shriner. • Learn how to become a Shriner. •