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Texas Roadhouse fundraiser

During the entire month of September, for every $5.00 you donate to Akdar Shrine, Texas Roadhouse will give you a free appetizer. That's as much as a $10.00 value! Can you think of a more delicious way to support your Shrine? If you see Glenn while you're there, please be sure to thank him for partnering with us for this fundraiser. If a few of you or a unit can get together and eat dinner with your fez, it would be a great way to show support to Glenn and Texas Roadhouse for the support they provide to Akdar Shrine. If you have Facebook, please go to Akdar's page and share the flyer for this event with your friends and family.

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Shriners Hospitals Commercial

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Shriners Hospitals for Children





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Zion Harvey

 Dear Nobles, We are proud to announce that Shriners Hospitals for Children® was part of a team that made medical history earlier this month. Chief of Staff, Scott Kozin, M.D. and Dan Zlotolow, M.D from Shriners Hospitals for Children – Philadelphia were part of a multidisciplinary medical team that performed the first-ever pediatric bilateral hand transplant by successfully transplanting donor hands and forearms onto eight-year-old Zion Harvey. When Zion was referred to Shriners Hospitals for Children, Dr. Kozin and colleagues quickly recognized that Zion was a potential candidate for this transformative procedure, making him the first patient to receive a pediatric hand transplant in the world. In keeping with Shriners Hospitals collaborative approach to care, Dr. Kozin worked together with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania to assemble a 40+ team of medical experts to perform this complex and demanding 12 hour procedure. Zion is a bright and precocious eight-year-old who has told his doctors that he cannot wait to someday throw a football and climb on the monkey bars. Shriners Hospitals looks forward to continuing our support in Zion’s recovery and goals. Today’s announcement is a true testament to Shriners Hospitals for Children’s commitment to innovative, world-class pediatric care. Join us in celebrating being a part of history in the making.

Yours in the faith,

Jerry Gantt

Jerry Gantt

Imperial Potentate, Shriners International

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Boys are being treated at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Galveston, TexasVINITA, Oklahoma - The Vinita daycare center accused of causing two young boys to get second- and third-degree burns has shut down. Oklahoma Department of Human Services Communications Manager Debra Martin said the agency asked "Happiness Is A Learning Center" to cease operations during the investigation process. According to Martin, the daycare’s owner, Geneva Young, agreed and took it one step further by closing the facility permanently. Martin said the daycare shut down for good at the close of business Monday, July 27. When News On 6 went to the daycare for answers on Monday, Young said she was serving the children lunch but had no comment. DHS says it is still investigating after the mother of 7-year-old Conner Harvey and 5-year-old Tray Wells accused the facility of leaving her sons outside much of the day Friday without shirts or sunscreen. 7/27/2015 Related Story: GRAPHIC: Mother Says Two Vinita Boys Severely Sunburned On Daycare Trip Their mother says her sons were severely burned while playing at a splash pad. She shared pictures with News On 6, showing the boys with large blisters on the backs and shoulders. Harvey and Wells were life-flighted to Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston, Texas Sunday where they are being treated for their burns. The Vinita Police Department also says it is actively investigating. DHS said if Young decided to open another daycare facility, she would have to apply for a new operating license.


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JERRY GANTT, IMPERIAL POTENTATEJerry G. Gantt of Houston is currently serving his 11th year as a member of the Boards of Directors for Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children. Gantt was elected Imperial Potentate, part of the 13-member body that helps govern the Shriners fraternity, during the Shriners’ 2015 Imperial Session – held in Houston July 5 - July 9. Gantt was raised a Master Mason at Cherryville Lodge #505 in 1971. He is a member of the York Rite, Grotto and was honored with the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite. Gantt became a member of Oasis Shriners in Charlotte, N.C., in 1972, and joined Arabia Shriners in Houston in 1980, where he held numerous offices, including chairman of the Five-year Planning Committee. He served as the temple’s Potentate in 2002. Gantt is a chairman emeritus of Shriners Hospitals for Children — Houston Board of Governors and has served at the Imperial level as Outer Guard Aide, Captain of the Guard Aide, Imperial Marshal Aide and member of the Imperial Dispensations and Charters Committee. During his years as a member of the Boards of Directors, he has served on a number of committees, including Budget, Building and Equipment, Information Systems, Public Relations, Salary, Personnel and Retirement, Planning, Corporate Compliance, Education Seminars, Sports, Research, Medical Affairs, Strategic Planning, Investments and Budget. In addition, he has served as Liaison Officer to the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, Houston, Cincinnati, Montreal, Tampa, Honolulu and Galveston. In addition to his service in the Shriners fraternity, Gantt is an honorary member of the DeMolay Legion of Honor. Born in Gastonia, N.C., Gantt attended Wingate College in Wingate, N.C. He then joined the United States Marine Corps., where he served as an air traffic controller. He is now President of Piedmont Contractors, Inc., a commercial general contracting firm in Houston. In his community, Gantt and his wife, Lisa, enjoy NASCAR and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where they are life-members and Gantt is an active committee member.

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FIRST LADY, LISA GANTTFirst Lady Lisa Gantt and her husband of 20 years, Imperial Potentate Jerry Gantt, share many interests and activities. They met through connections in the construction industry, and now work together in the family business, Piedmont Contractors Inc., located in Houston. Lisa and Jerry are active members of their condominium association, where Lisa serves as vice president of the board of directors. Although they have lived in Texas for a long time, both Lisa and Jerry are natives of North Carolina, and, as would be expected, enjoy basketball and race cars. “When you’re from North Carolina, you have to love basketball and NASCAR,” said Lisa. The couple also shares an affinity for the outdoors, large gardens and horses. They are active, lifetime members of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and members of the Prime Time Cookers cooking team. Family and faith are important to Lisa and Jerry. In fact, their commitment to Masonry and Shriners International is centered on the organizations’ dedication to brotherhood and improving the lives of children and families “It’s all about being there for others – and for the children,” said Lisa. “We feel this is a mission God has graciously given us.” While they do not have children of their own, Lisa and Jerry enjoy the young ones, and spend as much time as possible with their several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews in North Carolina, whom they treat as if they were grandchildren. Together they share a variety of activities, including going to the zoo and enjoying family vacations at the beach or in the mountains. As is true for many in the Shriners family, their dedication to the fraternity, and appreciation of the friendships found there, has only increased and deepened over time. “We have met so many wonderful people. It’s not about what you receive, or even where you can go. It’s about who you will meet, and what that opportunity may bring,” said Lisa. “It’s about who will be there, waiting for you.” In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading and going to the theater. As First Lady, Lisa will introduce a program, In Dreams I Walk, which will augment the programs of Shriners Hospitals for Children that assist children with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI, also known as brittle bone disease). “Every decision in these children’s lives is altered or influenced by OI,” said Lisa. “I asked the staff at our hospital in Canada to survey the patients with OI and ask them what it is they wish they could do that they are unable to because of having OI. “Over and over, the answer involved walking. One child said, ‘In my dreams I can walk.’ We hope to increase awareness of what these kids deal with every day, and improve their lives through continued research and treatment programs.” To learn more please visit

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Sportsman event 


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How do I become a Shriner?  

Becoming a Shriner is easier than you may think. To find out more about how to get started visit Here you’ll find tips and resources that will help you understand the legacy, mission and goals of Shriners International, as well as the rewards of membership. • Learn about the steps tobecome a Master Mason which qualifies you to be a Shriner. • Learn how to become a Shriner. • Connect with your own Virtual Mentor who will walk you through the membership process step-by-step. • Sign up to receive ongoing communication about community events and opportunities to interact with local Shriners. BEASHRINERNOW.COM

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