Message from Illustrious Sir, Joe Haynes


Well another month has come and gone and the Rona virus is still looming over us.

July was not a total let down we had our annual fireworks stand which was a success. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Noble Chris Hammond an Lady Charie and Illustrious Sir Ralph Klumpp and Lady Barbara for all their hard work and great leadership.

With their hard work and donations we finally have the funds to do the floor project. This has been several years in the works and thanks to all the clubs and units for your support, the next time we are able to have an event you will see the payoff. Work will start on July 28th. Looking forward to seeing this project completed!

It is with heavy heart, that Adar Shrine Divan has made the difficult decision to go DARK for the months of August. We have had several members test positive for the coronavirus. We make this decison in the best interest of our members and the children within our care system. Please understand this was not an easy decision. All unit and club meetings and events will need to be dark as well. If we can keep one person from getting this virus it will be worth it. If you have any questions please contact myself at 918-906-1822.

Your in the Faith

Potentate Joe Haynes