There are 2 ways to donate to the Shriners.

1. Akdar Fraternal

Fraternal donations help to maintain the local temple and provide facilities for members, patients, and their families. Many fundraisers and donations are made to the fraternal fund and these monies can be used for a variety of uses. Funds donated here stay in Tulsa and are used in the local area and in communities through out northeast Oklahoma.

2. Akdar Transportation

While there are many elements to Shriners Hospitals for Children, there is only one purpose: Improving the lives of children! Akdar Shrine Center Tulsa’s mission is to see that a child’s life is improved forever by providing a much needed surgery for a variety of conditions, ranging from spinal cord injuries to cleft palate to burns – all at no cost to the child or the child’s family. Almost every day an Akdar Van leaves the Tulsa Center taking a child in need and a parent to one of 22 Shriners’ hospitals. The Akdar Shrine Hospital Services Transportation Fund provides the transportation to and from the hospitals that provide these surgeries. The fund also supports our patients and their families by arranging for free meals and lodging. In addition, we fly burn children to one of the three burn hospitals at a cost of $4500 to $17,000. Since we have no paid employees and all work is done by Akdar Shriner’s members, (Akdar Shrine Van Drivers volunteered over 26,000 hours in 2014, and drove more than a quarter of a million miles), 100% of your donation goes to our program. Another service we provide is that each child who enters our program receives the benefit of our Telemedicine program. Telemedicine allows doctors to provide medical care to patients in a remote location through interactive audio/video connection. A secure high-speed Internet connection is used to download quality video and share supporting materials, such as patient records, charts and X-rays. During weekly Friday telemedicine clinics, volunteer medical professionals are available to provide basic medical care for patients. Presently the Akdar Shrine Center has 1,231 children from Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma participating in our hospital program for children, and we are adding children each month